Sometimes i just have to ask Why Me I mean i wasn t no saint by no means but...

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  • I drove Taxi cabs in Edmonton, and Vancouver, for about 15 of 30 years. A many of the drunks and druggies, are not in perfect health, they are going slam right into situations from which they may not survive. The cumulative effect of their life style, can create a very sick soul.

  • The existence of bacteria carrying insects is nothing new, and if there is anything to it, bad people made sure ticks would get there share of filthy contagion to spread around.

  • Only good people grow the way you do by getting something like this.

  • Lessons. Believe it or not we all choose our own.

  • I think those are perfectly normal thoughts and feelings.. do not feel bad for that. I personally choose to believe there is a greater purpose for all of us enduring this.. someday will know what that is.

  • I don't understand it but I know I have a good God who does and that suffering is part of His master plan. He says, " in this work you will have trouble" and " I send the rain on the righteous and unrighteous." it is a mystery why some suffer more than others but it doesn't have to do with our works. It's part of a greater plan that will one day make sense. I just hope it's sooner rather than later.

  • While we all find ourselves asking "Why me" at some point in our lives, especially with this disease....what I have learned (the hard way of course) is that it doesn't help anything. It drags you deeper into your misery, and it actually makes you sicker, not healthier. It's important to feel what you need to feel, grieve your old life, do what you need to....but don't get stuck in it. It can ALWAYS be worse....even if you think it can't. <3

  • Felicia Dalton, under no circumstances should you even think to ask yourself that. This is not our fault. We didnt do something to deserve this. You got this by chance. In many ways we could blame ourselves for this. But for some that's not the case. Is it the child's fault who was born with this. For me, maybe you, the most we could say is that our free will caused this. I chose to go camping, or sit in the grass, or go hiking, or biking, or wherever you were when you got bit. But under no circumstances should anyone think that they are being punished by God for something that they might have done in their lives. None of us are perfect, and if we let ourselves go down this road it leads to nowhere good. Hugs. Look up. You know you ahve this, now you can fight to get better and can lean on God for the support you need during that fight. He is there for all of us if we just open our hearts to him. Hugs..

  • Marsha is so right! We've all asked that question. I look at it as living on a different plateau. I went through all of the stages. Anger, denial, bargaining , acceptance. It's just like any relationship. Ours is with Lyme. We have limits, if we respect them, it's a lot easier to accept. If we accept them, it's easier to deal with. It's taught me how important family and friends are, and I DO have a purpose-to get the word out there! I took life and health for granted, now I appreciate everything and everyone around me so much more. It's opened my eyes to the beauty around me, and I'll never take the good parts of my life for granted again! A good day is a gift. A bad day is my cue to slow it down. Anger makes it worse, feeling sorry for myself makes me not fight back. I know I have to fight back-I'm worth fighting for! And so are you! <3

  • GREAT POST Kenneth Poindexter