Some good news and bad news to share good first

There's just so much going on! I am tires of feeling this way, especially with Methotrexate kicking my ass for 2 days after I take it. My rheumy gave me steroid injections in my shoulders and hips today so I will be sore for about two days but will hopefully get some relief once the pain from the injection wears off.

This all just seems never ending! I'm only 40 years old. I dont even know what to do now, and its a little upsetting to think that I've been injecting myself weekly with a medication that has known side effects that hasn't done me any good.

Thanks for letting me get all that out! You all are so wonderful! Would live to hear if anyone has had a similar experience, or anyone's experiences taking Enbrel?

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  • Sending love and light your way. I truly understand!

  • First, good luck with your hearing in January! Second, I personally haven't had any experience with Enbrel. But my question is, have you tried Cytoxan or Rituxan? Both are chemo. I've had both, but for me Rituxan is working great. I didn't have much luck with Cytoxan. There are a few of the other ladies that are on either of the two and from what I've read, most are having pretty good results. Also, Benlysta may be an option. There are a few on that too that are having good results. Just thought I would mention these other options! You might talk to your rheumy about them, you never know, you may get good results! I know it's frustrating taking all these meds and not getting any results, I've been there too! Since starting Rituxan I've had one hospital stay and before Rituxan I was in the hospital every few days! Good luck and keep us posted!

  • Thanks Kristy! I know there are a few meds that I can't even try because of my autoimmune hepatitis, I'm at stage 2 liver disease so I have some scarring and they dont want to do anything they would increase my liver enzymes. My rheumy and GI doctor are friends, which is good, and they both want to keep me from being on a liver transplant list. I know my rheumatologist does get a little frustrated at times because he is very limited in what he can do and my body just doesn't want to respond to things! I am also wondering about having infusions.

  • I want you to know to stay positive and not give up hope. I had a similar occurrence to the point where my rheumatologist literally said to me 'I feel like a failure because we have tried everything and nothing is helping you'. I suffered with active lupus SLE for almost 12 years. But something happened out of the blue. I stopped worrying and stressing about everything and just went day by day and never gave up. I took my time with daily activities and stopped letting other people words and criticism bother me. And I have been in remission now for 4 years. It was a long hard road but I made it thru and you can do it too. We all can. Take your time with tasks. Don't feel bad if you don't accomplish as much as you hoped to. Rest often and learn when your body is telling you to take it easy. Hoping for the best for you.

  • Shari Smith..thanks for sharing your journey is inspiring me to keep going and never give up..btw are you new to our group

  • Tyrase Nowlin Tyler I have been a member for awhile. I just don't post very often. But I do when I feel like I could inspire someone or do some good.

  • Ok ..well great

    I am the founder and I dodnt recognize your name, plus You are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing with us and please post more often .I have a feeling you have a lot to offer us, by sharing your journey with Lupus.

  • You're too sweet. Thank you. I'm blushing.

  • Good luck

  • I'm so sorry you are going thru this. Prayers coming your way. We are all here for you

  • So proud of you Lisa. Went thru the same..much better now. Im still on the chemo.. we trust God in our situations


  • I love my life but not being able to move around my own home or play with my kids. I love each second GOd gave me another chance at life after aneurysms in my stomach that almost claimed my life. I give anything I have to anyone and help people less fortunate then me often. Sadly, I'm not in remission. Positivity is everything, but it may not put many in remission. It's a vital role in healing the mind as I do a lot of prayer, acupuncture, Rolfing and much more.

  • Sending u love & prayers.