So we just got back from a rheum appt My 17 yo daughter was on mtx down to...

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  • We use plaquinil. It's helped. My only advice is to take at night. Can cause upset stomach. I talked to my family eye dr about the possibility of eye issues from it and he told me it was very rare. Good luck

  • My daughter has been on plaquenil for about a year. No side effects. She was on mtx with it for about 6 mos and we switched to arava. I noticed the most side effects with the mtx (we started that first) and not much with plaquenil.

  • And it has helped a lot

  • Thank you ladies. It's awful what our poor kids go through! Did either of you notice hair loss? She's actually tolerated mtx pretty well, only occasional nausea. .more anxiety from the shot than anything.

  • Yes a bit of hair loss and dry scalp- we take folic acid every day for that. And I use a leave in conditioner to help with the dryness

  • They must have thorough eye exams every six months on plaquinel. It's recommended for kids with JA to have slit lamp eye exams every 3-6 months.

  • And yes it is awful. I hate it!

    We see an ophthalmologist every 6 mos to check

  • Daughter has been on plaquinel for a couple years - no side effects! We get her eyes checked every 6 months to make sure no issues due to plaquinel. Daughter is 15.

  • my daughter was on it with no side effects on her eyes. now off it as her swelling is managed with mtx and Enbrel. eye visits once a year.

  • Thats great! How long was she on it?

  • just over a year.