So update Went to Kansas took two days to do it stopping the first day after a...

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  • Wow, that's so all over the road. So discouraging and would probably drive one Bonkers. Do you have an idea of when he will be home? Tomorrow or the 15th?

  • ??? Laura I have no idea, so far they haven't change tomorrows time...

  • Fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  • Praying for you! Hope you see him soon!

  • Oh Kathleen so so sorry you did not get to see him. I know it was probably for safety reasons but it does not stop the ache to see your child. I so hope you get to see each other soon.

  • So heartbreaking! :'-( I am so sad for you.

  • Yes, so heartbreaking. Praying you will be united soon. God Bless you. What trauma. Take care that you don't get into a flare up with this stress.

  • Oh Kathleen Bucchino, I'm so sorry you were unable to spend time with your son! That's so disheartening! I know your heart is broken, but praise God he's okay. I know when you are able to be with him it will be so sweet. Don't forget tho thank your other two kids for supporting you & being there for you.

  • I am so, so sorry

  • So sorry for the chaos and disappointment. I noticed you are in Milford, MA. I am Belchertown, probably over an hour from you!