So Thursday I fell on my butt and didn t think I put out my hand. I guess

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  • Crappy! Feel better soon

  • Feel better soon

  • So rotten, you get that gut feeling you know what's coming. Prayers your way.

  • For sure. Palm of my hand on. No return call from my pm. Now I'm whining and that does no good.

  • That bruising indicates an injury of some sort....traditional medicine teaches rest, ice, compression...I like heat and keeping it moving for much as is comfortable and medicate for pain as needed...feel better....glad it is not broken! Use as tolerated, rest as is comfortable but don't allow to stiffen....feel better..I like bio freeze ointment or tiger balm over pills like Advil......good luck

  • looks like you have lines on your wrist area. did you have it compressed for pain?

  • Yes, the webbing & my thumb area/wrist I'm using. Compression as tolerated.