So this is my 2 year old who can t walk or talk next to a friend a year younger

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  • It's the hypermobilty in his hips that cause the feet to turn in/ out how lax they are shows in how far the feet turn. My feet turn out and my hubbys and sons turn in x

  • Will also add that Dominic didn't weight bare fully until over 2 and still trips over his own feet as his right foot goes in front of the left when walking coz his foot turns in so much but he also had positional club foot that's not full righted its self he's now 7 x

  • By the way he's sooo cute!

  • My 18 year old had to have an operation on her foot at 7 months old due to a bad club foot if she don't wear her inserts then its still pretty bad she had boots till she was 16

  • My daughter had this and did have a hip issue. Easiest way to check is to request a hip x Ray. If you are concerned get it checked. An examination won't give you the answer, only an x Ray. My daughters was missed after multiple examinations. I'm sure it's just his hypermobilty but maybe request for piece of mind!

  • Dominic paed and care up til now has been terrible I e been fighting for his whole 7 yrs to get him sorted but hopefully we are our way now as we see genetic counsellor and new paed in the new year x

  • My son got referred to physio twice but discharged no referral to OT to check his wrists and fingers he can't even feed himself with a spoon.

  • Dominic has always used his fingers even now he prefers to use his hands we got him special cutlery only time he uses it is to eat baked beans and peas x

  • What cutlery is that?

  • It's got special handles on them we got them from a website the OT gave us I'll see if I can find the web address for you they have loads of stuff on it to help and the schools use them too x

  • Thanks


    If you set up an account they send out a book for you to look through as well but we get all of doms stuff from here. Hope it helps. Xx

  • Thank you!

  • Gosh this looks just like how Thomas walks!

  • Thank you everyone you've been most helpful. I'll have a chat with his physio. We haven't seen her for a while, she's more or less given up on him and doesn't know what to suggest.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz she should be getting him x rays etc. They get paid for it yet we do there work.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz feel free to pm me. About to do bath and bed so wil reply after

  • Wow I never knew they did that kind of thing

  • They refer to other departments to have investigations etc done

  • This is him standing, is this a concerning amount of turn in his feet?

  • My son has never had an x ray when he was younger just checked it and said it had gone when he was 2 weeks old but I'm not so sure now as he can't sit up straight he leans to the one side

  • They don't like to tell you these things

  • Ask for referal to different physio.

    I have grandson whos feet turn inwards causing him to trip when walking/running. Incidentally he crawled at 4 1/2 months walked at 9 1/2 months. Physio said he didnt know what to do with him!!!!! Changed physio because of house move and has different posthetic insoles and different exercises. So much better. Good luck x

  • Might be club feet going outwards ask the gp to refer you to an orthopaedic they deal with feet. Do they feel stiff when trying to turn them as my daughters was fused together at the foot ankle and heel bone

  • I think I heard somewhere too that an explanation for the open mouths is they are struggling and using all coordination/concentration on one activity (such as sitting or walking) that they have little capacity in other areas for control. My lil one has low tone and very hypermobile only Began walking around 22-23 months and will have mouth open often as she clumsily walks from point a to b. Just another possible explanation.

    He's a cutie! Good luck!

  • yes push for xray, we are late diagnosed with hip dysplasia and due to that had 2 operations, 2 full body casts and problems with walking still. push for xray even if they say no

  • I don't think they are stiff. They can turn in like normal as well but are often like this

  • This actually makes a lot of sense!

  • OK thanks we're meeting his new paediatrician soon so I'll maybe have a word with him about seeing someone else. He's been seen by two physios already plus a couple of trainees but so far no one has done much

  • I'd definitely pursue a better medical explanation and treatment.

  • Laura I just pm'd you, sorry I didn't get to it last night x