So since I know that you guys are amazing and helpful by reading all your posts

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  • I get the earthquake thing. And the other stuff is almost like aura before I have seizure. Sorry u r going through all that. Hugs

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, that sounds rough. I get the earthquake thing sometimes, but none of the other stuff. Would cytoxan help?

  • I shake, but not what you are describing; I think u need to talk with your doc asap!

  • oh my goodness hon! have you seen a neurologist? definitely give your neuro a call or get a consult as soon as you can. hugs

  • Thanks! I have Rheumotology appointment soon. I'm kind of used to it being this way, but since I can't ween off the prednisone and it's getting worse, I will see Neurology again. It scares me when I drive.

  • I have no helpful suggestions, but you should definitely see your doc sooner rather than later - whether you're used to it or not! You need to be able to overcome some of that! Bless your heart, I am thinking of you tonight....

  • That really does sound like seizures.

  • My daughter has Neurological Headaches that make crazy things happen. The first one she had..she had headache and started throwing up and then one side of her body went was like a we FLEW to the dr and they did all kinds of tests and determined that it was Neurological Headaches and that it just attacked the part of the brain that controlled those functions. She told her that she may see all kinds of different lights (strobe lights and colors etc) and that other strange things may happen. Anyway, since you mentioned the light I thought I would mention this. My daughter hasnt had the thunder and shaking etc. so may not be related at all. They TRIED putting my daughter on attenolol as a migraine preventative (I take it for my bP) but it made her so weak that she just couldnt take it.