So over the weekend I was trying to figure out why in the HELL some of us...

In May of 2014 we moved from our duty station in Canada to our new base in Nebraska. I was 3rd trimester knocked up and due July 20th, but scheduled for a general anesthesia c section on the 14th. Immediately after getting here I switched myself and our 2 children to almond milk. I noticed an increase in pain, but mentally blamed it on 3rd trimester pregnancy. But...even after an emergency c section (I fell...long story....) and over 3 months post pain levels the charts. Intense, stabbing, and constant. After being decompressed in 2012....I had NO pain. It shrunk my syrinx enough that most of those symptoms and comorbidities disappeared completely. I never would have allowed myself to be pregnant again otherwise.

Me and 3 medical teams could NOT figure out what the HELL happened. A neurosurgeon here ordered a full spine MRI series with brain, flow study...with an without contrast. In the exam room when he walked in to give me the results and I had turned the lights off and was curled into a ball....he could SEE my pain but told me, there was just NO reason in those MRIs that he should be seeing me looking and feeling the way I did. Not from chiari or syrinx issues.

I didn't know it at the time but I was developing scoliosis in my lumbar. It hadn't showed up on that MRI in 2015 but a full year later in August of 2016...a chiro kinetic cracker backer found it larger than life on a x ray series he did. He assumed I'd had it all of my life. It was a HUGE curve. I brought my MRI discs in the next day. No scoliosis on them. He couldn't believe his eyes. He called his professors lol the ones who taught him in medical school. Showed them both series and they didn't know what to say either.

We were all Skyping in an exam room when I tossed out the comment that " know, in my chiari support grouo there are actually HUNDREDS of people that this HAS happened to. They discovered either through genetic testing or skin biopsy that they have EDS....Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Most of them were scoliosis free until they decompressed...then, their spines practically folded themselves in half somewhere in the column. Doctors...they tell all of us that those two have no causal link, but lop it is literally the ONLY change in their entire anatomy prior to scoliosis diagnosis. Teenagers, seniors, middle aged, young AND women, but more women than men." They were recording everything so they could access the information again if needed but...they were experts in their field and had never seen anything like it.

I began drinking and consuming soy again this morning. My body is acting like it has been starved and stunted and has all of the sudden been sprinkled with pixie dust!

So....the list of common histamine trigger MATCHED AGAINST my A, non secretor blood type food chart is what I am about to be living on. I am sort of excited for this "experiement". Just wanted to tell everyone what I learned and observed over the weekend. I will try to find the most updated ERFYBT A food list and post it in the comments section before I sleep tonight. I have an appointment with my cardiologist today...busy, busy, busy!

Just an FYI for anyone wondering, there is "secretor" and "non secretor" status. Secretors are folk who generally and most often are able to kill off and ward off infections BEFORE they enter the blood stream.

So...NOT ME lol

By the information given, I am a non has to get into my blood before I can treat it and the cinching factor is CLEARLY stated that D'Adamo USUALLY has to prescribe non secretors with antibiotics for DENTAL work....

Sound like anything else we know??? Vascular EDS prophylaxis drugs for dental work! I am very intetested to see if changing to Blood Type A diet changes...possibly reverses some of my EDS symptoms. Honestly, I am afraid to assume I am a non secretor based on that alone....what if eating WRONGLY for your blood type puts your body into such shock that it reacts like a non secretor simply because the immune system is HOBBLED by being bombarded by foods you can't process or digest...leading to a compromised immune system??? It IS possible.

D'Adamo sells secretor kits...but only after age 13 is a human supposed to test. So...somehow, this secretor situation is effected by onset of puberty possibly. Medicine and the human body fascinates me! lol I geek out to science like this. Hard. :)

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  • Just finished reading that in full.Interesting!

    I've no idea what my blood type is but then again I can no longer really eat

  • My daughters kyphoscoliosis came at the onset of puberty she is at 33 degrees

  • I was examined in 5th, 6th, and again in 9th as a freshman for it in Minnesota. I didn't have it or signs of it until 2015. It was unreal! My husband however....he has hypermobile symptoms and scoliosis at onset of puberty. I have been encouraging raindrop therapy massage and getting on the Cusack Protocol. He is severely lactose intolerant so lol his health is really effed but because he isnt FAT, he thinks I am a moron.

  • Yes, she has serious issues with lactose as well. I'm hoping the protocol can help with her scoliosis.

  • I think your story goes to show that everybody's bodies really are unique, and we all need to learn to listen to what they tell us about what nourishes us or harms us!! I personally can't tolerate soy OR almonds.....hey ho lol

  • Is your bloos type O?

  • I am O positive. But I think I react to soy due to IgG reaction from leaky gut -I used to put it on my cereal all the time after I gave up dairy in my 20's (I just turned 50). I will just toss out that we're also finding the adipose tissue disorder called "lipedema" (also "lipoedema" in the UK) fairly comorbid as another possible driver of weight gain in us- I blame our mast cells. ANyway, very interesting story and information. I also must have meat and fat like your dad. But I don't do well with carbs. But that bit about the scoliosis developing post decompression is really interesting... I have mild scoliosis, but no dx of Chiari etc. yet. (I have /had signs of CC settling and can't tip my head back now.) My doctor does not care to look into these things - despite his interest in "integrative med", he only cares about the toolkit. His diagnostic still suck sadly. (Has limited mindset.)

  • F

  • I actually have no clue lol! xx

  • I think my food sensitivities are more to do with the fibromyalgia / autoimmune stuff than my blood type though, as until I was in my 30s I was able to eat everything apart from dairy (and tbh, I even ate dairy in moderation and was able to survive with it!) xx

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  • Interesting.... Melanie Kay Friedman

    Frank Friedman

  • Soy isn't heathy for any blood type unless it's fermented. Too many anti nutrients.

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  • I'm finding this information very fascinating because just yesterday I discovered that a common ingredient in two things I was eating that I had narrowed down to the cause of swelling in my limbs, especially so in my ankles and feet. I was eating a lot of dark chocolate covered almonds when the edema was very evident. Peppermint Pattie is the other thing I binged on occasionally and while I didn't notice any swelling after eating a lot of them, my digestive issues would get worse for a while. I've never had any allergies to food or anything else and my doctor said a food allergy wouldn't cause the edema when I told her I did a trial 3 separate times with the chocolate covered almonds and every time the edema returned. I eat other chocolate candies with no problems so I didn't think it was the cocoa causing the edema. The other common ingredient in them was soy lecithin. I was just going to Google to see if soy lecithin can cause swollen limbs in some people. I don't see where anyone here mentioned just how soy affects them, I'd like to know if swollen limbs are a reaction that you've had. Also any other reaction that you've had to soy. I wonder if it could be contributing to my digestive tract issues. My blood type is O +.

  • Hi Betty! Soy causes several severe symptoms: yes, inflammation of my limbs, and also a great and painful heaviness in my whole body (I am unable to lift my arms, etc). It also causes me to feel extremely panicked, weepy and 'dark' (instant depression if you will) and then my stomach will bloat up like Winnie-the-Pooh!! The whole process usually ends in me being violently sick several times over. Then it takes me up to three weeks to recover.

    Honestly, for me, soy really is the have my empathy!! xx

  • I stopped eating almond milk last Friday and waited 72 hours and began adding soy back into my blood type A diet. I have lost 10lbs, have a flat abdomen, and TONS of energy withOUT using caffeine. I am healthier on my organic non GMO soys than anything else. I have to stick with it or I'll regret it.

  • Yep, everybody's bodies are different! It's great you've found that soy helps you so much ☺ It's also great that Betty has discovered that it causes pain and inflammation, as now she can avoid it and live with less pain. Aren't our bodies clever!! ☺