So my doctor and the cardiologist couldn t find anything wrong on my tests but...

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  • I'm glad too and my heart pumps too fast too...for no apparent reason. I take an herb for it that helps a lot but can't recall the name of it right now...oh yeah, Hawthorn Berry.

  • I think we get like this from the chemo and pred. I mean, our vessels have been through so much with wg and then add in the meds. I have the same problem and I think Patti said she did as well. Just one more thing I guess.

  • Yeah...

  • My cardiologist put me on some meds like that a few years ago when I had problems with my heart.

  • The cortisone and weg caused my heart rate and pressure to go up. Now that I have lowered my cortisone and the weg is under control my heart rate is OK but my pressure is dropping low. This might only be temporary until you are off the meds