So my 20 year old diagnosed with JRA at 5 has not been to Rheumy since 2006

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  • Not a doc, but ANA isn't an indicator of arthritis - (I'm ANA positive). Simple tests are SED rate and C Reac Protein. Knee pain may be from old deterioration or scar tissue, not active disease. May just be over use. My daughter (11) had jaw surgery in Feb for damAge caused when she was two.

  • Isn't Ana something to do with lupus?

  • It can Michelle ANA "can" be indicator of most autoimmune or just illness. He was ANA pos at 5. But Robin I would have to agree. Maybe they should have order films for knees!

  • ok..I just thought because my daughters rhuemy says he is pretty sure my daughter has lupus but is not ANA I assumed that was just for lupus..I know there is a few other tests also

  • just a question? how was he treated for the arthritis when he was 5?

  • Only thing out back then was naproxen.

  • so he basicly went into remission after how long on naproxen?

  • I think that is an unfortunate misrepresentation of the medical field. Methotrexate has been in use for more than 30 years, steroids and gold injections longer. I am sorry he was under treated. That is so frustrating. My daughter was under treated when she was diagnosed at 1 - 11 years ago. Thus the jaw deterioration.

  • Kristy I only gave it to him once. We stuck with low impact therapy exercise. And Advil. The med made his tummy hurt and I was scared of side effects. He seemed to handle really well. He only had one knee affected. Now 15 years later my 6 yo daughter is diagnosed way for severe inflammation and jaw damage. It makes me wonder if I made a poor decision on my son and is there a possibility he has damage.