So much pain lately. My hands arms shoulders hips lower back legs and feet

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  • That's what we're all here for :)

  • Aww. In in the same boat it's not fair but it's good to vent helps mentally , my fingers are Killing me today:-(hope u feel a lil better :-) ((hugs))

  • Hugs try hot shower or hot bath

  • I feel you... Sending a virtual soft hug to end you day. :)

  • I call it my pity poddy...Im entitled to it. I own it and no one is tajung it away from me!!

  • ;)

  • Thanks everyone! I took a vicodin and a hot shower and I got some relief!

  • I feel for you. I know how you feel and it is so tough!

  • feel better!

  • I know the feeling it is frustrating but it will get better hugs