So I went in and had my B 12 injection on Wednesday and asked about my EKG and...

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  • omg, they sent a letter? They usually call if they want you in. I have had that happen before (not a letter....a call) and when I went in I was told I'm defient in something or other. I wouldn't worry too much. If it was something really serious the office would have called immediately and got you in. Tell them to put a note on your file to call instead of send letters as the stress is too much. Now you have to wait the weekend. I'm sorry :(

  • The waiting is the worst part, isn't it? I've gotten worked up so many times in similar situations and it always turns out to be nothing ... I hope that's the case with you too!

  • LOL I told one doctor off once. I prefaced it with, "Maybe it's because you put me on mega doses of prednisone because I normally don't say anything...but..." and then proceeded to tell him I didn't appreciate having to be called in, wait two days to find out the news, and it be nothing I really had to worry about. He laughed and said "noted"

  • they said in the letter that they have tried calling but they can't get through. Which is pretty weird because I get every other call. Maybe they were the ones I let go to voice mail yesterday LOL oh well. I'm gunna try and not let it bother me too much. Whatever it is it can't be that bad or he would have come and talked to me while I was getting my B-12 injection! (I hope) but I am going to enjoy my weekend and have fun. Whatever it is or isn't is meant to be and there is nothing I can do about it until I go see doc!

  • GRRR So insensitive of the doc to do that and make you worry over the weekend...I had the same thing happen omce upon a time. I chewed my doc out for it!

  • Hope all is well. Yes the waiting is the hardest part. Sucks. Try and keep yourself occupied.

  • I hope it isn't anything bad. Keeping good postive thoughts. I think if i was anything major he would have kept calling you. Hugs