So I ve been using BVT to treat chronic strep Had some labs a couple weeks ago...

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  • If the chronic has become acute, I'd expect to see the numbers rise. But that's a big jump!

  • Our bodies are like a soup with everything in it wanting real estate. When you take one thing out of the soup it gives room for others things to grow. Killing things in our body is like peeling an onion layer by layer. You peel one layer back and see something raise its ugly head. Just keep on bvt. It is inexpensive and well worth all the good it does

  • Brian, it sounds like your immune system may be kicking in - in a good way. If you had a flare that went away so quickly, it may be your system was able to tackle it efficiently. I only say this because I've had similar flares, have felt awful for a short period, then they dissipates. Unlike the days of yore when I'd feel them for 6-8 weeks. Seems to me that numbers could be high when fighting it. And indeed, I would try propolis as an adjunct - it's amazing stuff.

  • Great points, Sandra. You should have seen my doc's face when I told him the strep flare went away by itself after 3 days. From fever with white pustules on my tonsils and throat to 100% over it.

    I read an article about what these high titers mean, and apparently it's not necessarily a bad thing. They measure antibodies, and could be indicative (like you said) of a stronger immune response.

  • Have you had OCD or anxiety from the strep?

  • Remember bv will bring it acute while addressing it. Its not unusual at all for the numbers to go to the really high side during this process. We dont know if bv addresses strep but looking at your numbers would be a good indication that it is.

  • Have it checked again in a few more months

  • Anxiety, yes. And Tourette's-like motor tics from age 8.

  • That's what I thought he needed to do Ellie, to see what goes on play by play. It may help others with chronic strep and I don't see much about strep and Bvt. Brian may be a streptococcus pioneer! His tics have gotten worse instead of better so this explains it. Doc was wanting to put him on abx or herbals and we think better to just plow on with BVT.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz. Someone has to be the first. My EBV is gone great side affect of bvt. Lets see with Brian what it can do for strep.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I'm following closely - my son has the same. God Bless you I know how hard it is not from the patients point of view but from the moms!

  • Interesting Brian Johnson. Since starting BVT my C4a and TGF1b skyrocketed, which is usually what is *not* wanted. I take it to mean my immune system was playing possum from yrs of abx etc, and has come alive on BVT. I'd actually be delighted to see numbers like yours.

  • I'm doing oral colloidal silver per my docs suggestion, continuing with the BVT and retesting in 2-3 months.