So I ve been doing better lately Amitripyline has really dealt with the...

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  • What is a nerve block like? Can you tell me about it? And congrats on feeling better!!

  • Fantastic! Amitriptyline helps me too - can tell when my dose is due - feel the aching muscles so much more

  • The nerve block was fine Kristen. I had to battle to get it though. The worst of my pain is on my left side, just under my boob but he injected in my back. They give you an anaesthetic first, because it's quite a big needle. An epidural basically. He used a sonogram to work out were the nerve was. They monitor your blood pressure for a bit afterwards, mine was a bit low but it's normally like that. I was tired for the rest if the day, and my chest was numb to the touch for about 48 hours but it's fine now. I still have aches and pains everywhere else in my rib cage but it dealt with the rest of it.

  • Do you take Pregabulin as well? my son has been prescribed this for the nerves and it seems to be working, no so much for the actual pain but his ability to cope with the pain.

  • Be careful doing activities while meds are blocking your pain. Make sure your body gets the rest it needs

  • I take gabapentin too Julie it does much the same thing

  • That's good advice Jessica, I'll rest when my husband goes to work

  • Oh Julie you must be careful Hun.