So I m having a bit of a rough time

Well she took things to extreme levels. My parents had left my bday gifts and Xmas gifts at my sister's. She dropped it off at a mutual friends house with extra items she added of sister things I'd bought her, the gift I gave her for being my maid of honor, and the doll I gave my niece when I moved. I can't say I wasn't expecting it, knowing my sister but it stung.

I know I made the right choice in saying I needed a break. And I know I'm better off than having all that drama in my life. But man my heart still hurts.

Unfortunately I also have an unhealthy (mentally) mother, who always sides with my little sister so things are tense there too. All around its just crap.

I'm lucky to have amazing friends. One of which I really need to be there for. Her ultrasound is tomorrow and we find out for sure if the baby is viable. Measured 3 weeks small last week on her first ultrasound. And so they are worried the baby stopped growing. My sister is a mutual friend and was suppose to be there as well. Which I know she won't come now.

But on top of all that I had Blood work done and its all wanky. Autoimmune levels elevated. Kidney values elevated. Adrenal levels low. And thyroid levels high. On top.of just healing from girl part ulcers caused by the stress of another move.

I'm so overwhelmed. Like I'm lucky to have big shoulders. But I'm still feeling the stab wounds in the scars that my sister had already put on my heart.

I'm really hoping everything is ok with my besties baby and can't wait to go home and crawl into the arms of my amazing and supportive husband.

Sorry for the novel and thanks for the vent.

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  • I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think a lot of us have family members that just don't get it! I hope your sister will allow you to visit with your niece!


  • Unfortunately I know my sister well enough to know how she hold a hatred and grudges. But thank you for your prayers.

    I just need my heart to heal with the loss of them both and tackle these amazing new health issues I have.

  • I'm sorry.... I do pray for your heart to heal.. I wish that life wasn't so hard sometimes....

  • Keep ur chin up what doesnt kill us makes us stronger. Ur sister will soon realise she made a huge mistake in losin u.

  • Thank you....

  • I hope you get to visit with your niece. Family dramas are so hard and just terrible. Hope your stress can get calmed down soon. Thinking of you and sending you prayers.

  • Thank you

  • Yw.

  • Remember it's her, not you. Take care of yourself first. With this disease, it's just about mandatory!

  • I'm really sad to write that the baby isn't viable. Ill be with my friend today at the hospital. And will be here for a few extra days before going home. Thank you everyone for your well wishes and prayers.

    I know things with my sister won't get better but I'm blessed to have an amazing husband and best friends that I love like sisters. And right now one of my other sisters needs me.

    I tried to talk to my mom yesterday but that was a flop. I even sent her a message after she didn't reply to. But I don't have time to deal with that right now. Right now I have to watch my spoons and be there every way I can for my bestie....

    But thank you guys again.

  • Bless you and your friend. So sorry to hear the bad news. There really aren't any words to express how sad this is. Bless her and you. You are a precious friend. Stay strong and just know there are alot of us praying for you. Sending you warmth, love and hugs.