So I just got diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back after a super painful I...

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  • Flares are normal. If you learn your triggers it will help. Unfortunately, my major trigger is cold weather. Also, flares get closer and at some point the bad days over take the good days. I am younger (39) and still very active. My flares are rare, but very bad when they hit. Education is key.

  • I am only 34 and I am trying to stay active with walking and just daily keeping up with the house and kids. Just wanted to know if flares were a think so I can keep a journal when they do happen and what might have caused it. I did really good for almost two months so we will see. We are just coming out of being snowed in for a week so maybe going outside in the cold and helping my husband starting it up.

  • I've got the same problem as you. Seems I've had it since my early 20s but was only diagnosed just before Christmas. I'm only 33 to. I find that keeping warm and having a gentle walk helps. But only sometimes.

  • I have wdespresd osteoarthritis in all my joints. But my spine and disks are a lot worse.I have worn away and wearing disks and have constant chronic pain. I do have times when it's even worse but I also have a bulging disk at l5-s1 which pushes on the central nerve. Like the sciatic nerve. So if I've done more than normal. Or too much bending, turning. Even getting in and out my car it plays up worse.

    The cold makes it worse. Also have fibro.

    It's always cold here in the UK too lol. Cold school run mornings I wrap up warm to keep the cold out my joints. Have wrist splints for my wrists when there playing up. Back support too but I'm pregnant and seems too tight and have stopped wearing it ATM.

    I got diagnosed at 22. I'm 27 tomorrow. X

  • Blimey! You've really been through the mill. Glad there is a page like this though to chat to people who are going through the same stuff.

  • Just out of interest, did you have an epidural with your other kids? I did with my eldest and it was six weeks after that my problems started. Then found out 7 years later I had a torn bulging disc in exactly the same place as you

  • It's been hard. It took me a good year and half to get my head around having arthritis at my age. Always thought it was a old person thing. I set up thsi pwpwge not long after I were diagnosed with fibro. Then the OA came a few months later. And I couldn't find a group that had both fibro&OA.

    No hun. Never had a epidural. Gas and air with both. I've heard so many people with back problems after a epidural. I'm 14 weeks now and I saw a consultant 2 weeks ago who will be sending an appointment for the anaesthetist consultant to " discuss" pain relief. Possible c section and epidural etc. I said I don't want a c sec or epidural. She just said see what they say. I'm adamant I don't want either. Unless I really. Really have to.

    Are they going to operste in you or anything? X

  • As yet, no. But a big operation is definitely on the cards in the not to distant future. What have they done for you so far?

  • Osteoarthritis in both knees, lower back so far, just learned about it two years ago, when my left knee gave out. Had to go to ER, have bad times, better times, but definitely changed my life.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz they won't operate on me because they said I'm too young. But ten at the same time I said wouldn't it be better to operate while I am young. To give me a better quality of life ? I've had the steroid injections in my facets joints of my back. In both knees then again last year in both knees and both wrists at same time. They helped then. But worn off after 3 months. X

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz it is so life changing isn't it :( x

  • That's what I tried to say to my surgeon. But he was having none of it

  • Silly ain't it. They also "don't want to make it worse" .. As they say. But I've begged them when I had the appointment with the surgeon who would do it. And no.

  • Save money in the long run wouldn't it. Silly buggers. Ha ha

  • It would yeah. Don't make sense to not help people before it gets worse does it.

  • Definitely doesn't.

  • I'm going to ask my rheumatologist again when I've had this baby. If anything because I of the bulging disk. X

  • I shall be asking again to

  • Got to aint ya. There useless otherwise. Good luck to you. Hope they can help you. X

  • Same for you to