So I heard something today and I barely could refrain myself from busting...

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  • Thank God we don't. That would make it even worse!!! I don't mind not looking sick, it's the feeling sick and being sick I get sick of! LOL!

  • There you go...

  • Gotta keep our sense of humor!!!

  • At least you still got it going on! Lol

  • Absolutely! Thats why I wanted to share it with you ladies...because it made me laugh...altho other days that may not be so! Laughter is good for us right?! ☺

  • Yep..or he needed his glasses cleaned! Lol

  • Wow!!! Never ceases to amaze me.

  • When faced with inadequacies it is best to rely upon your humor and sarcasm. Laughed my butt off.