So I haven t been diagnosed yet but in a desperate search for what this pain I...

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  • Sounds like Costo to me. Why would they blow you off? There are lots of things you can try like PT etc can't hurt to talk to them about it. Most doctors are aware and understand Costo. Good luck.

  • I guess maybe I'm just bitter lol. It took me 3 years of ER visits before a doctor took me seriously about my heart issues and now I've had one heart surgery and may need a pacemaker because no one listened to me. I'm used to doctors just not listening. :/

  • What kind of PT would you do for costo?

  • That poping... try to rest and don't pop it. When I did that I destabilize strong connections into my sternum. I spin a stationary bike to improve blood flow, drop weight and exercise the chest cavity to breath deeper. If you rest and idle too much it all gets tight and the first cold or cough you get will set you back real bad. It works for me at least.

  • Look up back pod info there are videos on YouTube by Steve august. The pod helps some and I suggest an anti-inflammatory sternum cream on days you exercise to head off added inflammation from a short workout and or back pod use days.

  • I really feel for you. Those pains are hell. It sounds like costo but im not a dokter. My dok did the same and said to me its in my head (yeahhh right). I didnt gave up and went to cardiologist , had a hearttest, lungtest, bloodwork. Everything is checked. So dont give up and claim those tests. Its youre body, its gonna make you less anxies about youre health if you now what is going on. Anxiety is youre worst enemy if you have costo. Wish you feel better soon, hang on.

  • Most doctors don't care anymore