So I have a question how may of you have children My husband and I want...

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  • I have 2 miscarriages, and 1 child. At 30 I found out the my ovaries or reproductive system was attacked same as yours and was sent into perimenopause, we were trying for baby number 2. I was told at the time it was due to hashimotos. We were still searching for what was wrong with me as doctors solely blamed my thyroid. It was another two years almost before I had the SLE dx. I hear of successes all the time though.

  • I had three miscarriages between my two girls. But this was before Lupus. My last child is here be the miracle of my doctor working with me and a baby aspirin a day

  • I had few miscarriages even before I found out about having lupus they could not figure out why then I got pregnant n stayed In good health for 9 months ,I hope next time I'm ready it would be easier.just relax n let it happen dear .it would. the minute I stop trying my lily was born

  • Ive had 2 terminations

  • The same thing was said to me after much difficulty. I now have three kids. The first - I was on an aspiring a day, the second - I needed a bit more to maintain the pregnancy and had to learn to give myself two injections a day of heparin. The third was a normal pregnancy. All pregnancies were monitored on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, with fetal monitoring, blood test and ultrasounds. I was also scheduled for c-sections 3-4 weeks early. I was diagnosed with Lupus when I lost my first child due to complications caused by Lupus. I was told I shouldn't have kids at Yale. My doctor told me that now that we know the problem, we can do are damn best to make up for it...i'm glad I listened to him. It was a tough road, but it was a road well worth traveling.

  • I have had one miscarriage and four healthy kids...Two earlier in my life and 2 in my late twenties. With faith anything is possible. Sending you prayers and hugs.

  • I personally have not experienced it but I have definitely heard about it from my doctors.