So I finished my final round of Rituxan yesterday and I was supposed to see my...

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  • Maitake and Shitake Mushrooms - for counteracting fatigue and nausea caused by chemo drugs, as well as help prevent some of the damaging side effect of chemo drugs. Available in pill/capsule form. I take them.

  • Thank you, Cyndi. I'll try it! I've been sipping ginger ale since Monday b/c I hate taking Zofran all the time. :/

  • Make sure it's made with real ginger, not all ginerale is.

  • I am going to have my first Rituxan in a few weeks so its good to hear some people talk about it. I hope it works. Anything I should know or be aware of?

  • Mitch, you'll probably do just fine w/ the Rituxan. Just be prepared to sit for a number of hours, lol! The benadryl always knocks me out, so I sleep through the infusion for the most part. What is your protocol? I receive all 4 of the recommended infusions w/ a month, so #3 and #4 are very fatiguing for me. This is the second round of rituxan I've gotten since April, so I handled it pretty well. Hang in there, and let us know how it goes! Good luck, and God bless!! :)

  • I have my 2nd treatment 2 weeks after I get the first one. I'm going to have tubes put in my ears and have my gallbladder removed first. I figure if they take out enough parts then WG won't have anything to attack. I can't wait till I'm able to replace my intestines with PVC pipe.

  • OMG, Mitch! You sound like me! I think WG went after my intestines first bc I began losing a crazy amt of weight--40lbs w/in 3mos! And I didn't have 40lbs to lose. Naturally, this caused my gall bladder to give out, so I had an emergency removal, shortly after I had my daughter. The surgery went well, and I felt much better afterward. WG didn't stop, though. The bastard went after my sinuses until my septum ruptured, BUT I didn't get saddle nose, thank God! I could keep complaining, but I'd rather wish you well, and let you know that I'll be praying for you! Remind us when your surgeries will be, ok? And are we "friended" yet? LOL! I'll check in bit! It's 3:28am, and I'm awake! It's a shitty prednisone predicament every night! LMAO

  • LOL Mitch - a sense of humor will take you far :)

    Wow you 2, I've never heard of anyone losing their gallbladder to WG...and intestinal involvement...geez louise...this disease...I wonder if you might have another condition on top of WG...

  • Yea my intestines are still a problem my stomach is killing me right now - eat don't eat I can't win - the worst is when your stomach hurts and your prednisone makes you want to eat 3 pizza's, half a cow and a case of thin mints there's nothing you can do but wait for the pain pills to kick in. At 16 in 1990 I had some small intestines removed due to the vasculitis - at 17 I moved out on my own and didn't see a doctor again till 2000 (I should have cause looking back I had flares all the time) when the stomach doctor called it Ulcerative Colitis. So I could have multiple problems but I think they are all related cause really WG sucks and does whatever it wants.

  • I'm sorry you are suffering Mitch. It is common to have more than one autoimmune disease. I bet that your stomach and intestinal problems are another disease...what is your tx for WG? Quite often the tx for one AI disease will take care of others AI diseases, but not may need something in addition to your WG tx...are you on anything specifically for the stomach/intestinal problems? I hope the pain passes quickly. Have you tried aloe vera juice?