So how do you handle this I wear sun sleeves and my hands are starting to...

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  • Marie, do an office meeting about it, not pointing fingers. but just an employee morning meeting with donuts and coffee and discuss exactly that. lay out some scenarios like "if robert has B.O one day, how do you think is the best way to handle it" and and find some information on office relations and dealing with each other. i had to do the same way after a comment was made about my teeth. (they were rotten) i was told i looked like a crack head (jokingly).. it was my sjogrens that had caused it, and i was self conscious anyways. so i held a "sensitivity" meeting. it worked great.. without pointing out anyone, and at the end used myself as an example at things that have been said to me out side of the office about ways i look and what strange things i may pop up with. needless to say the individual, brought me a single rose the next day, and an i'm sorry card. and never said another thing. and i too was HR. my office was small too, only 5 of us. so it was very family like, and with family you dont mean to hurt, but can make comments trying to be funny sometimes without thinking.

  • Xxxxxxx YzzzzzzRea - well that sucks ... LOL ... small businesses suck for that reason ... nobody higher up to go to LOL

  • LiliAnn Pladsen Brilliant! I love the way you handled that!

  • thank you Kathy it did wonders. good luck Maria Aurilio-Rea.

  • again thank you all. this ride is scary, and I have my first meeting with the rhuem. next month. Yes it is me and the two owners up front, the rest of the guys in the my boss is the owner. I go in there everyday not feeling 100 percent and try my damnedest to be productive and upbeat. This just blew me away. As he knows what I have been thru this summer. Juggling drs appoints around their schedules, etc. My doc says i am so photo sensitive the florescent lights may be affecting me there. Whats he going to do if I have to wear sleeves in the office every day not just when i break out. We will cross this bridge when we come to it I guess. Grrrrrr

  • thankfully my boss listened when i spoke, he did an office rebuild and changed all the office lights to the kitchen light fixtures. i would be honest and speak to him, do a print out about photo-sensitivity and what causes it, and how it affects you. present it to them. if anything you should be able to request some help for your office area. just like being handicapped an employer should make the office user friendly for your issues. if you had a wheel chair would they expect you to work upstairs without an elevator? no, so they should be able to listen to other issues also. i know that a job is important and especially one that is lenient on lots of dr's appts and missed work, but the way i looked at it, i couldnt work some place that was making me sicker. that wasnt looking out for me. and in return to his listening to what i needed, i stayed productive the days i was there. and was a great component of the team.

  • Thats a tough one. We deal with blue prints and do alot of drawings. Those lights are like being outside LOL. They are are pretty important to the business and we all work in the same area...only because we interact on every project. But thank you for the advice. I am sure we can get something resolved.

  • that is hard. then i would still explain the photosensitivity, so when you do have to wear the sleeves, they will already understand why.

  • PS so glad to have found this all are so wonderful.

  • Glad you are here :)