So here s a question aboout yeast I know that we are all more susceptable to...

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  • Kenneth it can be a combination of factors, usually diet plus antibiotics. They kill all of the good bacteria which is what keeps Candida in check. Your gut contains 80% of your immune system. So this can not only determine if you are more susceptible to Lyme, but it affects your treatment success. This is why eating a strict diet and taking probiotics is required during Lyme treatment. Plus, Lyme and Candida symptoms are almost identical, neurological, tissues, bones, you name it...not just the normal symptoms. It's impossible to properly monitor Lyme treatment while dealing with Candida infection. More info here and on the Nutrition pages:

  • That's a good question Kenneth because I would always have thrush (my dentist would say) even before starting antibiotics for Lyme. So maybe Lyme causes it as well or activates it more? Or like Marsha said diet? Have no idea but good question because I had it on tongue/mouth before ever starting my abx for Lyme but never thought to ask. They just put me on nystatin.

  • I had SEVERE Systemic Yeast long long long before I ever took Antibiotics....

    Lyme is a gateway for all sorts of pathogens to enter the body while the immune system is out to lunch and not protecting you.

  • For years before ever knowing I was even sick, ever showing symptoms, or using abx for anything, I had a yeast infection that lasted for a year and a half. The doctor finally referred me to a Naturopath admitting she could not help me. He taught me how to keep it at bay, but it rears it's ugly head with or without abx for the past 25 years. I believe it is a symptom of Lyme-