So all the gifts have been opened and my kids don t know they get more today

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  • it sounds like it was a great day!

  • It was...but now I can't get my pix onto facebook for some stinkin reason ;-/

    How was your day?

  • Got some pix up finally after rebooting my pc and jumping thru some hoops!

  • Awesome - Skiing is my favorite thing to do - you have lucky kids.

  • I miss skiing...can't do it thanks to WG...but I enjoy snapping pix of my family while they ski :)

  • Say it aint so Cyndi - I must ski again. Even when things are quiet you can't ski?

  • Mitch, I have severe permanent lung damage and fluctuating SS - and cold weather is really hard on me - skiing is a problem for me but may not be an issue for you. I hope you can ski again.

  • whats SS? Sorry I'm new to a lot of this even though I've known I had vasculitis since my first stomach surgury in 1990. I have told myself I will ski again even if I have to buy one of those seats and use the ski arm things that paralysed people use.

  • SS = subglottic stenosis.