so after arguing with the dr that I had a lump on the side of my neck up near...

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  • Scream it as loud as you want..I HATE VASCULITIS ALSO!!!...ahh now I feel better..take care

  • Thanks Colleen... sometimes we need to just get that out of our system!

  • Your right Toni...times I try to ignore it, hoping it goes away, but the others times..I'm cursing at it ..makes me feel better..sorry your neck hurts but glad you finally got an answer..

  • Rant away. That's what we are here for

  • what kind of doc were you arguing with ? GP or specialist ?

  • Gp nicole

  • ok wasn't sure if it was a specialist or a GP is there something that can be done for it ?

  • WG we all hate vasculitis and feel free to vent anytime! I'm right there with ya!!! I seen you were arguing with a GP and my GP told me I'd be able to school him in WG in less than 6 months and that I would know more than him lol

  • And, of course with all the immune suppressants we are much more apt to get bad infections. GRRRR.

  • WG/GPA Hey that is why we have this group so we can rant! Also sharing stories helps. I know this sounds crazy but my disease started causing scar tissue in my lungs. My friend is an avid onion eater. I did research on onions and garlic and found out that they help with inflammation. So I started eating half a raw onion and one garlic glove a day and it has really helped my lungs. That and the surgeries I have been having.