Skin Issues from EDS

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  • I'm of the opinion that lotion is actually BAD for skin... Look at the ingredients. Look how many different types of alcohol (at least 1, normally 2, sometimes 3). Sometimes, lotions will have formaldehyde (listed as DMDM hydantoin) or petroleum or other ingredients that are KNOWN to dry out skin.

    Probably the best thing I've found for my skin is.... oil. Vegetable oils, especially olive (although even canola cooking oil is better than most lotions). Burt's Bee's is one of the best commercial product that I've found (and the easiest for me to find), as I've yet to find anything in it that is known to dry skin, although I'm sure that most organic and natural lotions will be better than Aveno... knowing what is in Aveno, actually, I would be willing to bet money.

  • I have also stopped using any detergent based soaps (the ones with sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate), and I just use vegetable based castile soap (Dr. Bronner's is what I'm currently using). Actually, I have had to use less lotion and conditioner since I've started using Dr. Bronner's as my shampoo and body wash.

  • i dont use sulphates either they give me dry skin, sores and itchy spots, palmers do a few sulphate free body washes and lotions and an oil that is great if you use it while your skin is still wet from the shower, i have very dry skin and put it in my bath, stops the skin losing more moisture to start with.

  • It feels kind of gross, but you might try applying a heavy coating of whatever salve works best for you, then cover with rubber gloves and wear overnight. This keeps the salve from drying up and gives your skin plenty of time to soak it in. As for what type of salve, definitely NOT lotions with fragrance and alcohol. Vaseline or oils as someone suggested, and when it is really bad and I am desperate, I'll slather on some neosporin and wear the gloves.

  • I often have many skin problems, especially in the winter!

    I recommend using "Celadrin". I don't know if you have in where you live, but it's used for many different skin conditions and has helped me a lot with my eczema and dry cracked skin.

    Another thing you can try is mixing some sugar with a bit of olive oil, exfoliating your skin by rubbing the area (hands, feet, etc) for a few minutes, and then washing it off and applying a lotion.

    It works wonders for me!

  • When I was younger I suffered from severe dry feet. They would crack and bleed all the time in the winter. I would use Corn Husker Oil or A&D oinment and wear socks to bed. Within a few days they would be healed but I would continue using smaller amounts to keep the skin somewhat hydrated over night.