Side effects of Prednisone My 1 year old daughter has just started taking 30mg...

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  • Does that dose seem about right? My friend (who is a fully grown adult) was also on the same dose. My girl is a dainty little dot & only weighs around 14lb so just seems very high. She's normally such a happy little thing although has never slept well but she has just been miserable & crying xx

  • That's probably because it's only for 4 days. Short treatment should minimise the side effects. Tough ride for you all.

  • I hated prednisone when I was on it and I said never again. My entire body ached, everything I ate gave me horrible indigestion (though i was hungry all the time) and I had so much trouble sleeping.

  • Unfortunately that is what predisone does :(

  • Yes most likely the side effects. It's probably a little harder on her since she's so young. That's a high dose for such a young baby.

  • I've rang & left a message with the specialist nurse to call me as I've just noticed she has fresh bruising & pin prick rash. She was covered in bruises already but the pin prick rash is new xx

  • She probably needs a cbc done done to see if the prednisone is working. Even if it's it's a high dose for her age she might need a higher dose. My body rejected it unless I was on 60mg or higher. But maybe see when they can get her started on something else. Prednisone had horrible side effects.

  • I think its quite big dose for kid, I get 70mg -about 1mg per kilo of body mass for around 3 weeks, now i get 50mg for next 2 weeks

  • She was started on steroids as platelets still low & with her along her bruising & nosebleeds her HB which is also very low isn't picking up by since starting yesterday she's now developed the typical pin prick rash. X

  • What was her platelets at when she started on the steriods?

  • She weighs around 7kg. But she is only on it for 4 days then a blood test xxx

  • She was admitted with platelets of 13 HB 4.6 then her platelets went up to 21 after immunoglobulins her platelets went back to 18 & HB hasn't really moved much in the last 5 weeks despite being given iron & multi-vits xx

  • So if the prednisone isn't working they should be starting her on something else. Because that's just giving her those awful side effects without actually helping.

  • Maybe the nplate shot. Or I know they have been using something specific just for young kids. I know it has been successful for lots of kids. I can not think of the name

  • This is the first time we have tried steroids. Should we see an improvement rather than seem worse after only a day? Xx

  • Well with steriods,they usually work or they don't. And if she needs a higher dose for her platelets to increase,then the side effects will just worsen.

    Face swelling,legs swellen,arms swelling,weight gain,reddened face,sometimes rashes or headaches. It's not a fun drug to be on. Plus it can causes sleepless nights or lots of energy.

  • And of course always listen to your doctor this is just my opinions on it after everything I've gone and been through. My doctor always told me,even a small dose of prednisone for longer periods of time even more than a few weeks is not good for you.

  • One year old??. Why??

  • Because she also has a low HB which despite being on as much iron as she can be, because of all the bruising & nosebleeds her HB isn't picking up xx