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  • I encourage all members to read the rules of this forum that are laid out in the welcome message. One of the reasons this group is so well run is that we monitor it carefully to ensure that our members privacy is safeguarded and that our members interactions are respectful. We have worked hard to create a culture of kindness here on DDSG as well as providing a tremendous database of research, patient experience, Coffee Talks which aid our members in navigating treatments and living with the diseases. Anyone who violates the rules or once notified of breaking them does not take immediate steps to correct will be expelled.

  • If a post has a share button beside is that allowed to be shared? I just looked at the post of coffee talk with dr. Denkler. It has a share button. I assume that just shares his picture and maybe information on his practice. Or maybe it's just shared to this group. Is there a way to share the DDSG site on Facebook just to let others no there are support groups out there.

  • Thank you for asking Calvin. Coffee Talks may not be shared outside of this group. All posts wtih external links in the main post have share buttons. When posts from this group are shared by members, the share goes to their personal facebook page which may or may not be set to public. Through clicking the share button, it has been our observation that only the main post gets shared, not any member comments. In the case of sharing our Rad Onc list, the list was shared, as well as Denise's introductory comments and a link to the group. Anyone who is a member of the group may see it even if you are not friends with the person who posted it. People who are not members of the group cannot see it, so it's pointless to share to a personal page anyway. We take this very seriously. If you to inform your friends of the existence of our group, please make a new post on your page with your own introductory comments and share our website. From the website, people may apply to join the group. I do a fair amount of screening before granting admission. I have denied admission to over 80 people and blocked at least a dozen others. Here's a link to our website, please just copy and paste it:

  • Thank you to all the admins of the remarkable group, for guarding our privacy and also for all your hard work & dedication in sharing such valuable information so we who are affected by this disease can make informed choices & support one another.