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Remember in the toxic food and water air pollution of our modern day environment a simple one week coaching cleanses is not enough. You must learn what to do and educate yourself to make detoxing a lifelong mission from the comfort of your home. True weight loss is not some temporary physical thing that you do then go back to your original diet like most people do today and fail in their journey that is short lived.

Make sure that you stay hydrated between meals throughout the day with herbal fluids juices broth and teas including lemon lime water raw dietary plant fiber at every serving is paramount for supporting your lymphatic system and all functioning systems for strong immunity against disease. The human body is 70 to 80 percent made of water and we are constantly losing it so we must constantly replenish this essential gift of nature. Toss out your plastic and start to store and drink your water from glass containers for less toxicity to your health.

Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

About Barry Anderson your Good Earth Chef and Friend 4 LIFE

More than 30 years ago Barry was living years with obesity and all related medically diagnosed life threatening diseases all related to his poor choice for lifestyle and diet.

A forced lengthy hospital stay and a barrage of western medical drug therapy addressing symptoms and abnormal blood work only resulted in Barry’s health taking a nose dive into the abyss towards his own death.

At that point Barry embarked on a lifelong challenge to learn what is not taught in western medical schools and to treat himself with the assistance of Holistic Physicians for guidance digging deep into his pockets for essential services not covered by the corrupt mainstream medical insurance industry.

5 years to recover and the next 30 years of natural health study the good earth chef has never looked back. But those days of suffering will never be forgotten and lessons have been learned.

Standing only 5 foot

4 inches tall Barry lost 120 pounds of excess weight from his body .This is more than half of his own body weight. The weight lost never returned.

Thank You

Chef Barry is developing his weight loss Detox retreat called the Garden Villa Phuket Thai Nature Residence located on the resort island of Phuket Thailand in association with other 5 star holistic resorts in cooperation together. Opening is late 2017 and early 2018.

Holistic Chef Barry Anderson

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