Saw rheumatologist today We were hoping for good news as our seven year...

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  • You are all so wonderful. Thanks!

  • :(

  • very sorry :( hugs!

  • Hugs and prayers

  • hugs and prayers

  • Yuck!

  • Thanks for all the love and hugs!

  • My son was diagnosed at age 7 also, he is 17 now. He has enthesitis related arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and scoliosis. My daughter was diagnosed last year at age 13, all with the same my son has, I took it so much harder with her :(

  • Sherri, that's a lot. You must feel overwhelmed. I'm sorry.

  • Sherri this has happened to us also, thinking all is well then being told it isn't. There is light at the end if the tunnel, they just need to get the right treatment.