Saw my Rheumatologist the other day after the Neurologist said he doesn t think...

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  • I went through all of this and was diganosed with small nerve neuropathy. It's common with systemic sjorgrens.

  • I had mine done this way.

  • Several neuropathies too. After a year of testing and dr visits and Neurologist finally surprised me by saying the neuropathies were brought on by the Sjogrens!

  • What did your treatment plan end up being? I admit I was a bit freaked by some of the stuff he said.

  • I first started having symptoms in July and have been trying since then to get it resolved. After being shifted around to docs, docs not following up with me and delaying things for months, I feel like I'm finally on a path.

  • There are IVIG therapies but my insurance denied them. I take 900 mg of gabepentin right now. It calms it for a while but won't last and it will increase. I started at 200.