Rhuemy has been having me ween down on pred lil by lil 2 5 mg at a time im...

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  • yeah I've been off for 9 months, been on for only four years but it's tough :(

  • Lucky u i hope u never go back love hate drug ugh

  • I'm 5 months pregnant so I'll probably crash after delivery and need it asap :(

  • Or go into remission cam go either way

  • I've got four and got progressively worse with each one, I wish it would go away.

  • Aw crap :( sorry babe wishful thinking

  • I think i may go up to 20 n stay on 20 mg while on vacation i cant afford to end up in hospital here in FL

  • thank you, I hope you get some relief soon. How fast are you tapering?

  • Every 3--2 weeks

  • Sounds like a good idea