Recommended places in Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Look into using this, you won't need to spend on protocols, herbs, drugs and doctors

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  • Dr M at is a LLNMD Lyme specialist ILADS trained and uses a blended approach that is helping me. And his colleague in the office is a mold specialist. Check the prices, I don't pay $350 for follow up visits.

  • Lifestream Wellness Clinic

  • I don't normally post names either Kelly. But I did it for a reason.

  • I am from the Northwest and moved to the Southwest because of mold also. This is where I got hit with toxic black mold. I think it is because it doesn't rain much that people don't pay attention to their roofs and also most homes and buildings have evaporative coolers which spread mold throughout the buildings.

  • Hi Debbie, thank you for the heads up. Is mold as big of a problem in apartment complexes?

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  • Can be. Depends on how well the landlord keeps it up. If there is water intrusion, it only take 48 hours for mold to grow. Try to find a newer building - not so new that chemicals are really bad - but a newer building with A/C only (no evaporative cooler). If you can find a town-home that doesn't have adjoing walls, that is better because smells go through the walls (like smoke, mold, fragrance).

  • I'll look into that, thank you so much for the tips, I appreciate it! In your opinion is the air quality much better down there vs up here?

  • Do you need to be in Phoenix for job? Or could you locate near Phoenix?

  • The air quality in Phoenix can be really bad especially near downtown. Tucson has bad air. Northwest Phoenix may be better or one of the communities up I-17. I live about 2 hours north of Phoenix and the air is wonderful.

  • i'm so sick i don't even remember doing it so please forgive me i will try REALLY hard to remember. i don't even know any dr. names but the one in seatttle. sorry!! truly. and a dear friend ended his life a few days ago so my mind gone. really pls delete anything wrong i ever post but will try hard to remember!!! <3 i called one place wanted 40-80K to treat lyme. wow i told them wow!! wish i could afford the place in Scotts. everyone loves!! hoping one day!!

  • It's ok, we'll all try to remind each other of it! It's to protect everyone. So very sorry for your loss