Recently had a back massage on a spa day and now my pain is horrific Seems to...

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  • Ugh I hate massages. I am so sensitive it's really painful.

  • What type of massage? Light pressure? Deep tissue? Was their stretching?

  • It was medium pressure. Just a back massage which came with my spa package. It felt OK at the time but over the past few days the pain has crept up on me :( no stretching at all c

  • Was it an hour

  • Erm it was about 30 mins

  • Ok. If you don't get regular massage, the pressure needs to be light and not concentrated in one area. Things may feel good while it is happening like if they are digging a lil around the scapulas or neck but, with this, you have to be very careful. I didn't realize as a therapist just how massage can effect things like this or fibro until I got them. I was a long time - ten plus years - getting deep work. When this started, i found that i had to really lighten the pressure. I struggle cause deep work feels amazing to me while getting it done but, not afterwards. However, I can tell you, I feel my best when I get weekly massage. I just adjust to light pressure, some light raking over my ribs to move fluid and stuff and it helps greatly.

  • I haven't had a back since I got costo, daren't