Really starting to hate my doctor I have a lot of scar tissue on my scs...

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  • Totally feel for you, we all get this when we call for help, so frustrating.

  • Crazzzzy

  • If I don't get a call tomorrow then I'm going to his smithtown office Thursday when I know he is there. When I called his other office in another town answered. And he's not in that office until Friday.

  • Personally, I would take matters into my own hands. Going to his office and forcing the issue is perfect!

  • Tomorrow he's not in the office. He's at the hospital doing procedures that's why I'm waiting till Thursday.

  • I would also consider self medicating with marijuana, but your circumstances might not favor those actions. I think the benefits FAR outweigh any risks.

  • He still should have someone to cover what you are going through right now. If you can't sleep and are in a lot of pain and they can't see you until September 19th and you are an established patient with him who is seen regularly, then they are responsible for you. I would call and tell them that you are going to call the Medical Board in your state and ask them about what you should do. Going to an ER is not going to do you any good. Someone in his office (another doctor) or he should be able to write you a prescription for sleeping medication and pain medication to last until you are seen by him on September 19th. Patients have rights. I'd show up at the hospital where he is doing procedures and have him paged by the hospital. Or you could call back to the surgeon and ask if they can assist getting in touch with him for you so you can get Rx's to get you by until September 19th. Or you could ask the surgeon to help you out. Don't give up. When we do, they think our pain is not bad enough bc we give up. I know it is easier said than done. Have someone help you make the phone calls if you need help.

  • His office has been a nightmare. The only reason I am going to his office is my regular pain management doctor couldn't do my scs and he doesn't prescribe pain meds. I just called my regular doctor and her office told me I can be seen next week. But at least the girl is going to talk to the doctor about seeing me sooner but tomorrow she doesn't have hours. I might just go to the er tomorrow when I know my pain management doctor is going to be there maybe he can see me.

  • I'm having a similar issue with my battery. It started as uncomfortable and now is downright painful when I lay down. Pain management literally told me to wait a year and we'll see.