Questions about insurance I live in Texas and lost insurance through a company...

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  • Have you contacted your state Dept of Social Services about CHIP?

  • I have applied but have not heard back on whether she was approved or not. Just needing to find out what my options are if she's not.

  • I live in Texas and work in the health field. Are you in Houston or Dallas? Is your husband employed and your not? I'll respond after seeing your responses.

  • She's at Texas children's in Houston, we live a couple hours from there. We are both employed. His job doesn't offer health insurance. My job only offers an HSA plan for me.

  • I'm not sure where you live, but Scottish Rite in Dallas is a free facility. They do not bill insurance or charge patients for their services. This may not be an option, but wanted to suggest. I'm assuming the safety net foundation is the patient assistance program offered by Enbrel? Texas has a program for children with special health care needs. Here is the link--

  • Thank you Lisa, yes we applied through the safety net foundation. We are waiting to hear back from Texas children's on whether she was accepted through their charity fund. If not we will have to transfer care to Scottish rite, it's gonna be harder because it's 3 1/2-4 hours from us but I've heard amazing things about them and we will make it work.

  • It's not Texas Children's, but Houston has the Harris Health System Gold Card which is a discount for primary and specialty care offered through their hospitals and clinics. Good luck with Medicaid. I know there's a new STAR Kids Medicaid plan opening up for kids with special healthcare needs.