Question if Lyme n coinfections are active again and sickest been in Long time...

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  • Started herbals/ homeopathics but not sure if I need to step it up . Heart/ circulation really being affected actually big time actually everything is.

    N spinal misalignments are adding to significant distress. God is amazing and looking for serious prayer n direction

  • You my dear already know my thoughts. Hugs n prayers

  • I totally agree our pharmacological system (ie health care) is totally unhealthy. Other than trauma surgeons I've found little use for the rest. Antibiotics are and were a big mistake. If you understand it they are bio-weapons plain and simple. My next guess is our food is far below the mineral and nutritional value man had 100-150 years ago. Stress also effects sleep and a positive mind set,, all extremely important to health. I wonder if a happy (enjoys their life t totally), stress free human) ever gets so called lyme?

  • Above i copied was posted by fellow lymie friend... i share his thoughts re abx's!

  • I believe there is something dark re lyme and am beginning to wonder if the bacteria is being put in everything we breathe n ingest! Call me a conspiracy theorist but God has revealed so much to me and i think above all else we fight in the spirit this is a spiritual battle and God is on our team amen???

  • Hmmm that's very interesting?!!! I agree. The happier and stress free the healthier one is and anything that is lying dormant has less chance to surface. I believe this very much. Stress and the mind and body are very powerful and if you add any injury to it then that in itself often can be the kicker as I'm experiencing now. Lyme n other issues seem to love injury n stress.

  • Amen

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz i believe that also as i have experienced it. God bless i got you in prayer!

  • Amen