Question I am new here and on plaquenil diagnoses mixed connective tissue...

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  • Goggle SLE

  • I looked I knew I had been sick for years would it be the rashes starting now I am 44 ?

  • And now it makes sense ty

  • Ive been sick for a very long time as well, as long as I can remember actually but never had the rash (es) until I was 50.

  • Thank you

  • I started with mild hives., now I have the rash and I'm 63 . I have been sick since I was in my early 30s. Always told it was due to stress till I changed doctors and got one to believe I wasn't crazy., she ran the tests and confirmed it herself.....

  • I was wondering I have been on plaquenil could this cause the rashes that come and go it is a new medicine to me

  • Try sunscreen whenever you go out side it really helps me. :)