Question. has this happened to anyone

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  • Try probiotics like yogurt and supplements. If it hasn't gotten better in about 10 days I'd see a GI Dr. Make sure you are staying hydrated. Auto immunes can reek havoc on your GI system.

  • I typically eat yogurt daily bc it keeps me 'regular' but I was afraid in this case it would make it worse (?). But I'll try it, & in pill form. I am staying hydrated but having hard time getting all nutrition I need btwn things I can't eat (fiber, dairy) & things I'm afraid to eat so I dont make it worse. Have seen dr, ckd me, ordered the tests. Just found out results today over phone, so I asked what to do next? Its been 16 days & I still have it. She had to take a msg for dr, and its friday, so another wknd w/no progress. Thats why I'm asking here at least for ideas & to see if its happened to anyone else even short term. Thx for your advice, and PLEASE ANYONE ELSE pls post if u have advice or experience w/this, thx!

  • I agree with yogurt, i took acidophillus capsules and it took about a week. I take two acidophillus everyday and i havent had very many issues anymore.

  • If you can, go to a health food store and get a good quality probiotic capsule that you keep in your fridge. They are helping us a LOT.

  • I have tried almost everything, my interest keeps giving me things that may work with no luck. I have had diarrhea now for 2 years. I am adding long lasting codeine to my plate on Monday when the pharmacy gets them in for me and was told that they may cause constipation. To say the least I actually got exciting about that. I wish you luck and if you find a cure please share

  • Maybe you have IBS with diarrhea.

  • Thank you all for your responses! Will try the good oprobiotic caps/yogurt, & will ask my dr next wk about IBS

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz have drs given you any reason you've had it for 2 yrs?

  • IBS, sjogrens, gerds, barretts esphogus, divuticulitus, have it all and last year I had cancerous pholys removed.

  • Oh my Karen Renton you poor dear!!!