Question. does anyone else s little one s get mood swings while on their meds

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  • Christina, does Nicolas have Hashimotos disease?

  • not sure Anitra LeMoine Chapel, never even heard of it autoimmune that they would normally run labs for?

  • his official diagnosis are, JIA, hypothyroidism (with thyroid resistance), nystagmus, sweets sydrome

  • Yes. It's autoimmune thyroid disease. To get a diagnosis of Hashimotos all that is necessary is hypothyroidism plus a positive antibody of either anti-thyroglobulin or anti-thyroid peroxidase.

    Chloe was negative several times for the Hashimotos antibodies, even when the thyroid levels were at their worst. This is going to sound CRAZY but I was absolutely elated when they found a positive test for the Hashi's. Until this point just about every test she had was normal/negative.

  • wow...all of his doctors have been scratching their heads thinking how can a kid have this many different diagnosis...always thinking there is something connected. maybe this is it. I will call the rheumy now and ask if it's been testing and his thoughts on it. thank you so much for the info!

  • My 14 year old has had poly JRA since he was 7. Even though he doesn't remember a life with out pain, as his pain has gotten worse and every joint is affected, my son lashes out in anger towards his sisters. He started counseling and he likes having someone to vent his anger to. It is so sad what this disease does to our kids.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz my son also has nystagmus...congenital motor. Makes checking for uveitis 'fun' for the ophthalmologist. His endo is watching his thyroid too as he had some abnormal labs last appointment. Interesting. He's got a whole host of other dxes too. But I've never met someone with both nystagmus and JIA.

  • thank you all so much for the input, Misty that makes sense the kids need to vent...the disease in a whole just sucks. .Karen that is really interesting our kids seem similar, how old is he?

  • Alex will be 11 in a few weeks. He was dxed with poly JA at 5...but showed signs from 8 months.

  • my daughter would get crazy irritable when she was on mtx.