Question about Enbrel My 14 year old has been on it for 6 weeks She has felt...

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  • A localized reaction is normal. Try a Benadryl before. Then after shot hydrocortisone cream and ice. We do it right before bed so the side effects aren't felt.

  • That happened to my dd. We did the following and the reaction was much less severe. Give Benadryl one hour before the injection (my 16 yr old needed two pills), take the Enbrel out to warm one hour before, ice the injection site for a few minutes and yes, hydrocortizone cream. Also, make sure you aren't giving at too much of an angle.

  • From what I know the local reaction is normal, unfortunately.

    But you should also call the enbrel customer service line not only to speak with them about aide effect ts but also to report them so they can add it to their statistics and research.

  • I also get a large localized reaction that lasts always from Wed. to Sun. I use the ice, Benadryl and it does itch. It goes away by Sunday night.

  • My son had a site reaction with almost every Enbrel injections. Sometimes swelling, sometimes hives, and sometimes terrible bruises. Our rheumy said it was normal, but I would definitely check with your rheumy on their thoughts.

  • Is she only on Enbrel? My dd felt bad when u gave Enbrel and MTX together

  • She's on Naproxen, MTX (pills), and Enbrel.

  • my dd was much worse when I did Enbrel on the same day as Mtx. She didn't have a shot site reaction until her 4th or 5th shot. I always call in and talk to the nurse when weird stuff happens. You just never know.

  • My daughter was on Enbrel for 11 years. Sometimes she got a reaction like that and sometimes she didn't. Hydrocortisone cream seemed to help. We could never figure out why sometimes she got bad reactions. Good luck!

  • My son will have a site reaction occasionally. No idea why sometimes and not others.