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  • We're on Naproxen (Aleeve) twice a day... It is hard on their stomachs, but best taken right after a meal. Prior to getting a prescription Naproxen we used Children's Motrin. Mobic is one we were prescribed when the stomach issues started for us, but we were unable to get in our area... So they adjusted the Naproxen & added Omerprazole

  • Thanks you! I will try that if they keep her on it. I know she said her stomach hurts and she keeps throwing up in her mouth. Disgusting I know...she hasn't been able to eat much taking it. Like she takes a few bites and then her stomach hurts too much to keep eating :(

  • Yep.., that's kinda how it starts. But tell the Rhumitologist that she's having nausea... He will likely prescribe an ant-acid like Omorprazole or he may switch her to Mobic, if available in ur area. Mobic is gentler on their stomachs.

  • My daughter takes naproxen with her meals and takes a full glass of liquid with it. She is also taking folic acid that is supposed to help with the Methotrexate perhaps it helps with the naproxen too. She had had no complaints.

  • Oh, good. I hope there is something. She was so happy that it had helped her major leg pain, she said she was happy only having arm pain.

    Sad that at 12 she is happy to only have horrible arm pain instead of leg pain too! But I was happy she was active and stuff all weekend with much less pain that usual...then the stomach stuff started.

  • I'm sorry to hear her stomach can't handle it. Those nsaids really do a number on our little ones! And on us for that matter.

    I just want to share what had worked for us! We got Eden (3) off of ibuprofen by replacing it with homeopathic arnica (quick dissolve tablets) 3x a day. The only time this doesn't seem to help at all is when she's having a flare.

    We also use frankincense and lavender oil in a roller bottle. Both oils are considered anti-inflammatory.

  • Not proven... But I believe the folic acid helps too. We do it too... We started it after our 1st bout of nausea. It improved it a bit, but not enough... That's when we got the Omeprazole.

  • Totally believe in the folic acid!

  • Naproxen is amazing for the leg pain... It helped our lil one too. But hasn't 100% fixed the hip, but she's newly diagnosed... So we're just starting the journey.

    We also do folic acid & a probiotic. Probiotic in the morning before her meal & med. A folic acid at night before her meal & med. It does seem to help a bit... But it wasn't totally enough, so we got the ant-acid.

  • My son had a prescription for Nexium to help coat his stomach.However NSAIDs are just too hard on the stomach. All stomach issues resolved when we took them off. Humira alone is taking care of his symptoms.

  • The doctor just called me back and offered Meloxicam...sadly she was on that at 4 and had the same the nurse is going back to the doctor to find either another solution or see if he wants her to try again being 12 and maybe able to tolerate it more.

  • Jennifer, she does take a probiotic but not the antacid. I think I would rather try adding that than changing it all together. I really like to give things a good try before burning the bridge, when it's possible.

  • I have to take nexium with Celebrex or it bothers my stomach. They may keep you on the Aleve and add an antacid of some sort.

  • They will be starting her on diclofinac.

    It does amazing things for me so I'm hopeful it will help her as well.

    Makes me sad to see her following my path though :(

  • Meloxicam didn't work for my son, even with Nexium. Too hard on his stomach.

  • She will be starting this as well. My son takes it, he suffers from migraines and this has been a saving grace for him, along with superb complex.

  • My son prefers plain old ibuprofen. Works better for him than any prescription nsaid.

  • My daughter used MotriMax. 200mg of Naproxen so less than Alene but she had no stomach issues and said it worked longer than the Aleve as well.

  • Celebrex has been really good for my son. He doesn't have any of the stomach side effects like he did when on naprosyn or mobic.

  • Meloxicam didn't work for my son. The Celebrex works better for him. He takes a daily probiotic and nexium to help with them GI issues.