Pleurisy fluid on the lungs seems to never want to leave As some may recall...

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  • He may be backing off the steroids way too fast. For me, once I get down to a certain level, I have to back off 1mg at a time or all symptoms come charging back. I can't go below 15mgs and feel best at 20mgs. Right now I'm on 16 and holding my own after a flare.

  • Yeah I was thinking he maybe needed to be on the 60mg for more than 10 days. I have to call the Rheumy Dr tomorrow so I will see what they say. How long have you had the fluid?

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz is excellent too. Hopefully you w/get the help you need. (((Healing Hugs))) being sent your way!

  • I don't have the fluid...I'm just thinking that he's tapering too fast. I've seen it before in Lupies here...taper too fast and everything comes flying right back.

  • definitely sounds like need a longer regimen of higher dose prednisone then taper very slowly in very small amounts. hope things start looking up for both of you!!