Please send some prayers our way My wife oldest son and I have Lyme Its...

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  • you're very welcome Roy. One of my favorite verses is "Be still and know that I am God."~Psalm 46:10 God has this covered. He's not surprised you, or your family got Lyme. He's not surprised any of us got it. This illness is not bigger than our God. In our affliction we will chose to continue to worship. Just like the song J J posted. Thank you for that song J J. It was wonderful to be in the presence of God and worship along with that song.

  • This has been a roller coaster ride with my faith. This has made me a more faithful Christian. When our back is against the wall or we are in that dark and scary place or when the doctors say we are doing their best / not doing anything at all. God is the only and sometimes last thing can turn to. I think he has brought me to where I am so that I will turn to him and have full faith. Even though I still struggle with it sometimes. I find it hard to give up the reins. I know better and it shows me that I need to be more faithful.

  • Praying for you and your family, Roy! God is always with you all, and we are too! :)

  • It definitely is a test of our faith. You're not alone there. The Lord understands how fragile we are. We must stay in fellowship. Even if we can't get to church, we can fellowship on here and pray, encourage and support oneanother.

  • You are right.

  • <3

  • Amen, Wendy, praying for you and your family, Roy.

  • It's important to remember that you are NOT alone. We're here to pray and listen to you and anyone else in the room who needs it. But most of all, God is here. He's always with us. We are never alone and He will not forsake us. The enemy would love nothing more than to have you believe it's hopeless and that you're alone. Don't believe the lies. God is a good God and will never leave you or forsake you. I pray all of us in this room remember that. If you have to shout it out loud, or scream it out...just say "God will never leave me or forsake me!" All doubt must leave because my God never lies!

  • Roy, it is a very humbling experience. My faith has been tested, I've been refined, we have seen God work mightily, and we have been at the end of rope regularly. I get mad at God and I thank him. Such a roller coaster. And all I can do is trust that he is on the throne. Which is sometimes difficult and sometimes so comforting.

  • Wendy, you're welcome on the song. I know contemporary is not everyone's thing, but I figured I'd post them anyways.