PLEASE HELP I need a Neurosurgeon a s a p in the Flagler County Florida...

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  • It scares me too but he's insisting on me giving it a shot.

  • You sit in a chair to do it. He said 5 lbs max to start 1 to 2 x a day. I'm only doing 1 x because my hubby has to help me do it.

  • I've been in horrible pain for 2 yrs with the last 9 months being debilitating.

  • I had my done with Borland Groover in Jax at Baptist. I do not have EDS, but Dr. Montiero did mine.A lot of people I know of had great success there too! I went in one day and the next morning he did my surgery. Mine was VERY bad and he said I could have been paralyzed if I waited. I have permanent numbness in one of my fingers because I waited too long in pain. I was sooo much better almost immediately after surgery. My daughter is the one with EDS.

  • This is encouraging news! How big is your fusion?

  • Sorry, I'm a little confused, which doctor diagnosed your CCI?

  • But it still confused, that site says it's a GI treatment center?

  • Someone just told me of one in Birmingham Al. Patrick Prichard at UAB... the EDS geneticist referred her to him.

  • She said Dr. Montiero did her surgery . He's affiliated with that clinic i guess, somehow.

  • Oh my gosh! Brain fog!!! De montiero did it through Lyerly neurology!!!! I am so sorry!! They are neurosurgeons.

  • I am exhausted because my daughter sees so many doctors and I don't know why I wrote borland Grover!!!

  • Thank you! That is him!!

  • My dad's neurosurgeon is

    Dr Wharen at Mayo.

    ( t-e-jr-m-d/bio-20054212 )

    He fixed my dad's cervical spine issues and removed a brain tumor for my mother.

    In the past they'd allow going straight to the neurosurgeon but now require that a neurologist be seen there first.

  • Can I ask the name of your EDS Genetics doc?

  • Dr. Edward Lose... i haven't been to him yet but heard great things!

  • I found the majority of pain I was having was coming from Mast Cell Activation Disorder and now mastocytosis.

  • I have an amaxing doc in that area, but he specializes in eyes and the diseases that affect central nervous system. He knows EDS and lots of other diseases. He spent close to an hour with me. I had 6th nerve palsy, but I also have an issue where my cornea will tear from just opening my eyes in tbe morni g. He helped me so much.

  • Here is phone and web address.

  • My daughter had CCI dx by Dr. Bell in TX. She used the Cusack Protocol and it reversed it.

  • Good news!