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  • it wil help ut it is only treatingthe symptoms and not the underlying problem - why is the fluid gathering there]

  • did he check for pitting oedema?

  • yep he did that then sent me for xray and ecg....i have pitting as mum was a nurse and had already checked it..i also had restricted fluids until i saw him today

  • Hmmm I'm a bit worried about taking the tablets now..just read the info leaflet and there are at least 2 of my medications that can be affected by fluid tablets and he prescribed me one of them today!!!! I'm on rampiril for high blood pressure, which has stabilised so could probably stop them...nurse checked it a few weeks ago and was able to look at my medical file and she really didn't think I needed it as my blood pressure is pretty good but first dr put me on it 1yr the fluid tablet can interfere with that one and also my panadine forte I was prescribed today at the same time with the same dr :( thinking I will definitely look more into the effects it could have and if I see any sign of something not right I will be going back...only taken 1 tablet this morning so won't take another for a few days and see how things go...uuuggghhhh I hate medication last count I am up to 31 some days 35 :(

  • Tracey please talk to your Dr b4 making any medication changes.

  • Alternatively u could run your concerns past your pharmacist xx

  • Thanks Ruth yeah am thinking I should head back to him...just annoys me that he had my file open and could see what I was on and he looked at them again when I asked for a new script of panadeine forte :( just makes me mad that I had to look up side effects etc will see how I go and will monitor it and if it gets bad I will go to hospital xx

  • Tracey I would phone - if I am worried about drug interactions I ask to speak to the GP or if they are busy I ask to speak to the practice nurse who then speaks on my behalf to the Dr. I would not assume yet that there is an error. Your GP may have made an informed decision in weighing risks / interactions. U should talk to him / her tho to put your mind at rest / make sure

  • If u want to talk to someone tonight u could phone a late night pharmacy or call 13HEALTH

  • thanks ruth so glad i asked for help...yep will ring the gp office tomorrow and speak to the gp or off to bed now hopefully this drowsiness means im going to get some sleep :) thanks so much again xxoo