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  • Did you go and see someone? How are you?

  • I would go and get it checked out. Best to be safe. I wish you a speedy recovery xxxxx

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz I've had 3 of these spinal surgeries and had a difficult recovery each time, our healing process is so much more difficult because of the behcets. It could be nerve related so I would see someone quite soon xxxx

  • I had mentioned the Behcet's to the neurosurgeon. Might be why he gave me prednisone

  • Yes it will be Hun, they always give me prednisone when I have surgery xx don't leave it too long before you see someone xx

  • Goodness me...just go see ur doctor.. Plzzz..praying for u..God heal u well and quick Amin.

  • I did and will call the neurosurgeon tomorrow to ask my 50,000 questions!

  • I had spinal surgery and my staples look like I'm pretty much place as urs but mine was a clean n straight , I'm no expert but ur look raised n bit off colour I would say maybe a infection specially if ur really really feeling crap aswell I would get it checked

  • I would give a day or two and than call ur dr

  • So sorry to hear this. Sending you hugs and prayers. ♡

  • Kim how are u doing Hun ???

  • Lots better thanks , adjusted meds and gentle massage...

  • Good glad ur doing bit better ? Did u go and get ur scar checked for infection

  • I did..ER Dr assured me that it was inflammation and all I could do was endure. I refused anymore pain meds.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz bless I at least it not infected , take care now n rest up

  • Amin and get well soon my friend.