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  • Welcome to the club! Lots of diabetics have DD and LD. If you have trouble getting an RT referral you may have more luck with your endocrinologist. I have thyroid disease and my Endo was very interested in and open to RT after looking in her "Up to date "resource that doctors used to find out about some of the latest treatments. There is a tremendous amount to learn before you start RT if that is the route you choose to go. First and foremost you want a hand surgeon who will collaborate with your RO and you want to make sure that you're not looking at a carpal tunnel for basal joint surgery in the near future because he would want to do that first and then have a RT. I reviewed all of this with Joy Wilson Yamamoto by phone. She promised me that she would post her story in a day or two. Be sure to read what she has to say. I hope you will also read my story and files as it chronicles of my journey from diagnosis to treatment and includes infield progression and treatment failure on my left foot plus a re-radiation. RT is a great choice for people with diathesis. We can definitely help you find the top treating physicians as well. I hope you will continue to learn and take one day at a time!

  • Leslie, I am definitely going to post my story by this weekend at the latest. Your phone call to me was most helpful and I am so thankful for this group and that you reached out to me personally! I certainly want to pay that forward. After speaking with you I have been scouring all of your information this group has put together. After speaking with you I have made an appointment with Dr. Denkler. Arranged travel plans for that appointment. Spoke with my family regarding treatment options. And I am thinking I'm going to make an appointment with Dr. T to discuss RT in my right hand and right foot. I think I will have to have surgery in my left hand prior to treatment but will make that decision after my consultation with Dr. Denkler. More to follow. Prior to speaking with Leslie and really researching this site I was heading in a direction with only partial information. Again, I will post my story no later than this weekend. Thank you all who participate here and particularly Leslie for caring enough to make certain I gathered all the information before starting treatment.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz to be clear the surgery will be Basal joint surgery first. Then RT. I'm so excited for your appointment with Dr. Keith Denkler. Best choice for patients in California who can get to him.

  • Yes, basil joint surgery first on my left hand before I opt for RT on that hand.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz thank you for your kind words Joy it was a pleasure speaking to you. This forum would be nothing without the countless volunteers who work day in and day out to gather every little scrap of information from the newsfeed and assemble it in the flipbook. We are all forever in their debt and that of all the members who generously share their personal journeys with us!

  • Thank you for all the information. =)

  • Glad to have you Karen! I agree, the info here is priceless!

  • I'm a newbie too, welcome

  • Thank you for sharing. I have Hashimottos and several other memners have it or other thyroid conditions. As you read through the information ofnyou have questions don't hesitate to post them. Before your next visit make sure to print out the questions to ask your Doc. They are links in the flipbook.

  • I have hashi too

  • Welcome this is a great place to meet good people and get great support and learn more about this disease