Photos from Jack Goldberg's post

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  • Hi Jack, glad to have you here. Hope your remission lasts forever!!

  • whats up CUZ!! I'm glad to see the Goldberg Curse is not only on my side of the family!

  • Welcome and thank you for sharing your story and pictures. How do you measure your angles?

  • Thanks for sharing your story Jack! Glad you've been having what sounds like a mostly stable status on your hands now! Glad you joined!

  • Wow you've been through a lot in your young age but you have stayed on it and your hands (all considered) look great! Welcome to our group

  • Welcome Jack! Thank you for sharing. Given your young age of onset and strong family history you are doing really well! I'm interested in your left hand - was it the index finger that had NA? RE: the pinky with the cord around the nerve, were you offered any other options? I think I read that Xiaflex is safe to use near nerves.

  • whats weird is jack is from the other size of my family, but my mom has this too ( no blood relation to jack) as well as my brother.

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz, nothing fancy, I just trace them. Leslie Wieslander Rosenthal, I had NA in my index finger, and was told xiaflex wasnt an option.

  • 9 years is a nice long time! Will you have NA again on the index?

  • Only if it gets worse