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  • If there are no other causes that can be confirmed:

    Bruising are also considered lesions due to the vasculitis. There is a very long list I have that I got many years ago from Dr Yazici... on the list of "Symptoms of Vasculitis" bruises are one of them listed. Anytime there is inflammation of the veins and capillaries, bruises can be the manifestation. I get them all the time and they are always on my thighs.

    Here is a pic of a small portion of the list and as you can see, under the "Skin" symptoms, bruises is listed.

    *always great to talk with your dr and espicially if it is anything new to you. :) Taking pics are always great too!

  • I'm not on any medications and this happens to me periodically. I've never been sure if it was BD related or not.

    The above comment makes sense, that's very interesting.

  • I just noticed that it listed "achies" as a symptom lol!! Pretty sure it should read aches, however, I can def relate to the achies!!!

  • Do they have fever in them? Or just bruises?

  • Just bruised. No pain either

  • Yes!

  • This happens to me also. I was actually hospitalized on my 6 birthday because I woke up covered​ in bruises all over my legs, arms, hands. I wasn't diganosed until I was almost 30. But when I brought all my childhood records in they said it was definitely related. So im pretty sure had this since childhood. Anyway after a week they said it just my blood vessels breaking. It's part of vasculitis. Some times they break for no reason causing bruising like that. Im assuming during a flare.

  • Girl, I just don't know. When I get them they are red, swollen and hot. Er thermal nodosum. You have indeed gotten a new symptom. Just don't share it , ok! Love you prayers for healing.

  • Make sure you tell your doctor. There are many reasons for bruising and you and your doctor should go over if any changes with medines, new symptoms, etc. then he they can run specific blood work etc.

  • Agreed

  • Trevor started showing signs of bruising this past week. Humm

  • Oh Holly McGuire you are not alone in this area! I get so so so many bruises on my legs with literally doing nothing. Just know I look at them as badass battle wounds and I love at how much prettier I am with them because they have taught me to love myself no matter what and that the battle make come and go but I can always stay true to myself❤️

  • I get them the whole time. They are the size of a finger print. I never found out what caused them so they have just become my normal now

  • Xxxxxxx Yzzzzzz

  • Sue does your EN itch before you get the spots?