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  • I am wondering if they are from bed bugs?

  • They look like chiggers.

  • Chiggers and bed bugs would itch like crazy

  • Please get him tested for RMSF!

  • I can't believe the doc didn't order blood test- he should really have his platelets checked. I just saw he just got over the flu? Having the flu can make the platelets drop- making it easier to bruise and or get petechiae (little popped blood vessels) and he was in a hot tub right after being sick- that could be what happened. But definitely he should have a blood test. Platelets can be checked in one tube (small amount). Good luck!!!

  • I will ask about platelets, but he did just get over the flu. Maybe that's what's going on. He was just hospitalized in late September, and they ran tons of blood tests daily. I would think they would have caught something really serious at that point. All the blood work looked fine when they discharged him in late October. He is not symptomatic at all. He's just been a little tired, but that may be an EDS thing, and he has not been sleeping enough. He was tested for mono because we were visiting my dad and he had an active infection. That test was negative.

  • Andria Koons Jones poor kiddo- blood tests suck!!! But anything can change since then- better check and be safe- have them check his liver function tests too. my brother was recently misdiagnosed with the rapid mono test- only after blood work- was his diagnosis changed that he did have Mono! Those rapid tests can produce false negatives. Or if early on in exposure - incubation period can be long time- lots of factors here. Always be safe. Your momma gut is telling you to question- always go with the gut feeling.

  • They drew blood and ran titers. Negative for EBV.

  • Looks like chiggers. Dab clear nail Polish on them

  • Andria Koons Jones ITP can develop over the course of a week. Meningococcal sepsis can develop over the space of a few hours (but he wouldn't have that for a week and still be pretty well, so that's not what it is). Unfortunately leukemia symptoms can appear very rapidly too: I've seen a fairly unexciting blood film turn into a leukemia blood film in a couple of days, but leukemia is not very likely. Still, I'd be much more reassured if he had the tests to exclude those sorts of things. ITP is reasonably common, and usually has a really good long term prognosis with complete recovery. But if you knew that his platelets were low you might change some of the activities that he did until they normalized again, since he would be more prone to bruising and haemorrages, so you'd be considering whether any activities would have a high risk of head injury or other injuries. With EDS you're probably already pretty careful about avoiding contact sports, so it might not be as big a lifestyle change as a child who was actively doing rugby training or martial arts or something that involved a lot of getting thrown around.

  • They looks like pettechaie. I get them. She may want to get a blood count and CBC to make sure all levels are good.

  • Yes petechiae

  • With EDS, we tend to bruise easily. They are like little bruises.

  • Catriona, thank you for the info. I'm guessing this came from the flu, but I'm going to email his regular doctor. It's ridiculous that I have to email them suggestions of what might be going on. I just keep losing more faith in doctors.

  • Are you sure they are not bedbug bites?

  • Mine were on my legs and arms too. They were not bruises or bites of any kind. They never itched. Doctors did not know what it was from. I personally think it has something to do with the vascular system. It makes sense if one has EDS. As said, mine finally went away after I changed my diet and went off gluten completely and off other things that I was sensitive to, plus started using ginger, dandelion root and burdock root as well as blood cleansers like cleavers. For me I started having these tiny red spots when I was a teenager.

  • Yep, I'm sure they're not bites of any kind. No puffiness. No itching. They don't look at all like bites. They look like teeny tiny bruises.